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Somya Infoedge Pvt. Ltd. is one of the reputed companies in India. Our company is one-stop for services like recruitment, matrimony, real estate, event management, health care, social networking, social concern and other related services. We are India’s leading online service provider company. With sustainable competitive advantage arising from our strong brand, unmatched credibility, market leadership across businesses, and large customer base, we deliver analysis, opinions, and solutions that makes our clients business function better.

Our defining feature is our knack to convert your needs and information into expert judgements and forecasts across a wide range of domains, with deep expertise and complete objectivity. Our credibility lies in the fact that we believe in these values: Integrity, Independence, commitment and Innovation. These are the four pillars of our company.

We have proved our worth as the leading source for information technology, consulting, outsourcing, software development requirements. Our company deals with different sectors, so we have a large customer base. We are a bunch of experienced technology professionals who specializes in different fields. The ever growing space of online world possess a different challenges, whether you are in education, real estate or any other sector, that’s where we come in, Soumya infoedge pvt ltd makes your path to success very simple by providing you with the online tools that you might need to survive in this vast growing market. Our vast experience and expertise in handling local and national level business makes our clients grow more & more every day, as we provide dedicated service with top notch team working for us. Our expertise in the online domain is unquestionable and we are the most dominant players in each of the segments we operate. We are the best in helping Businesses and People meet.

Who We Serve

We address a rich and diversified client base. Within India our customers range from small enterprises to the largest corporations and educational institutions, we also work with governments and policy-makers in India and other emerging markets in the infrastructure, educational, matrimony and other related domains.

How We Add Value

We empower our clients, and marketers, by taking independent care and looking at their business needs and goals, we indulge in knowing what they want and then we craft a solution which makes them happy and satisfied. These helps small business owners, corporate houses, jobseekers, and market intermediaries to market their business on online world in a better and efficient way. Thus, we help them to make better business decisions. Our offerings allow our clients to become more transparent and efficient-generating more revenue, reducing time to market, promoting brand value and enhancing returns. By helping clients to exploit the potentiality of online market, we help catalyse economic growth and development in several companies.


Somya Infoedge Pvt Ltd. was initiated in April, 2012. It was the idea of our visionary founder Mr Ratnesh Kumar, the inspiration came into his mind by looking at the potentiality of online marketing. One of the first website launched by Somya Infoedge Pvt Ltd. was, which was a huge hit, then it was followed by other website like one job portal site known as, our graph of success has never dipped down because of our strong client base that we maintained from starting. Today our company runs 12 websites and each site deals with different sectors.

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