Matrimony is one of the leading matrimony website in eastern part of India and Bihar. Arranged marriages are key part of the Indian society, different religion, caste, community and geography has divided Indian matrimony market in several fragments. You can find different matrimony websites online but they are limited to several specific markets but piyamilan has wide reach and its main strength is its highly popular north India Hindi speaking belt along with few metropolitan towns. Our goal is to give you a superb match making experience and provide you with the opportunity to find your potential life partner. We tend to create a platform that can touch life of millions of people and help them to find the one thing that they search for their whole life i.e. their potential life partner.

We also have offline piyamilan match points in certain cities to match our online services. These match points provide all the related services and helps bride or groom or their families to interact with each other. So, don’t hold back and search for your potential life partner on our unmatchable matrimony website in optimum manner. With our perfect and efficient service, we can provide excellent matchmaking services to our users. Our future aim is to become giant matrimony site as well as create a large scope in the field of matrimony matchmaking.

Apart from, we have also specialized websites which are specific in nature.

Our main matrimony websites:-

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