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A Detail OF is a unit of Somya Infoedge (P) Ltd., is a step towards online service providing sectors across major cities in India and operations abroad. We intend to spread this light of wisdom to touch the untouched lives and bring happiness and joy. We are online service provider company and We are offering franchisee in all over India for Recruitment and Matrimony.

In the Indian scenario Somya Infoedge represents the following business verticals to include – Recruitment, Matrimony, Real Estate, Education, Construction Consultancy, healthcare, Event Management, Classified Etc.

Work with us as franchisee, Why? is in the HR Industry has serviced major clients to include MNC's, Major Corporations & SME's. Year on year, has been getting repeat business from its clients from a cross-section of Industry Verticals like IT and Non-IT.

As part of its expansion plan, leveraging its expertise with strong brand presence across the country with well-established different HR Business verticals and to serve its clientele more efficiently & effectively in Metros and Mini-Metros in all the areas of HR needs like – Experts and Skilled persons for Industries, Training & Other HR Consulting Services, We are now looking for Individuals/ Organization with excellent entrepreneurial skills, good academic track record and strong networking skills and willingness to Invest for building business & growth us.


  • Individuals/ Representatives of Organizations with excellent entrepreneurial skills.
  • Good academic track record and strong networking skills.
  • Operations background & experience preferred in HR/ Sales/ Marketing.
  • Good man-management skills coupled with good PR, HR, Marketing & Operational abilities.
  • Willingness to Invest in business
  • Willingness to involve 100% in the business & ability to take Ownership and drive the business.
  • Willing to do leg-work and connect with the Corporates of India Inc and sell a range of HR Services to the Corporate Companies.


In METROS the Franchisee has to make a Non-Refundable Deposit of Min. Rs. 10.0 lacs which will be for the purpose of Operational Deposit. This deposit money would be utilized to develop the business of the particular Franchisee location. Barring other expenses of the Franchisee like the Job Portal other Technology cost will be taken from this Deposit. In Mini-METROS the Franchisee has to make a Non-Refundable Deposit of Min. Rs. 5.0 lacs in addition to the Job Portal and Technology cost. If required the Franchisee shall be required to bring in additional investment to grow the business.– FRANCHISEE OFFERING (PRINCIPAL)

  • offers a strong brand presence in the HR Services field.
  • A strong national-level Key Accounts.
  • Technology.
  • Large Database.
  • Timely Training & up-gradation of skills
  • Good connection with Education Institutions
  • Set Systems & Processes
  • Operation Expertise
  • Dedicated team for acquiring national level key accounts
  • Dedicated team for Pro-active Database Management
  • Business vertical-wise Training to Sales & Operations team
  • Branding & Promotional activities like Business advertisement – both On-line Off-line


In METROS has established offices where in the Franchisee has to Further Invest and scale-up Manpower, Increase the Business and Represent different Business verticals. The team size expected would be in the range of 20-25 nos. comprising of 2 Business Development persons, 1 Operations person, 20 Recruiters. The other Business Verticals are also required to be developed as and when required. In MINI- METROS o has office space of min 500 sq.ft. and requires office space of similar size with a Pantry & Toilet facility and other Infrastructure would include Furniture & fixture, Computers, Laptop, Internet Connectivity, Telephone. Franchisee has to Further Invest and scale-up Manpower, Increase the Business and Represent different Business verticals. The preferred team size would be 1 Business Development person and 5 Resource Consultants.

The Franchisee has to operate as a fulltime CEO of the particular location, taking-up all responsibilities of branding, marketing, selling, operations, management, Finance, Collection, Recruitment & team management. The Franchisee has to be involved 100% in the business with coordination of the Franchisor. There would be a Manager representing the Franchisor who will provide the required In-put for Training and support to Franchisee on regular basis.


The Revenue Sharing would be based Service-wise as shown under


  • The Franchisee shall set-up all the Infra-structure and Manpower
  • The Franchisee has to send all Reports on a Periodic basis to the Franchisor
  • All employee salaries would be centralized at PATNA
  • The Franchisee will have all the say in Recruitment of team members at his location and will report about the Hiring to the Franchisor
  • Billing & Collection will be centralized at PATNA
  • Franchisee will get Business order of Key account of his location from time to time.
  • The Franchisee has to fulfill the orders which is pertaining to Franchisee's location
  • The Franchisee should procure Business orders from his location on behalf of the Franchisor
  • Since the Franchisee will be involved in the Business, he can also draw the salary from the business.
  • Any important Business decision related to New Contract, Finalization of Rates/ Service Fee etc., has to be with the consent of the Franchisor.
  • All Contracts, MOU's and Business Agreements would be from the Franchisor.

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